Are you ready to experience some mind-blowing auditory illusions? In this series, Casev Connor will take you on a journey through the amazing world of psychoacoustics, the study of how sound affects our perception and cognition. You will learn about 42 different phenomena and illusions that demonstrate how our ears and brains process sound in surprising and sometimes deceptive ways. You will hear examples of each illusion and get an explanation of how and why they work. Some of them may even trick you into hearing things that are not there! This series is a must-watch for anyone who loves music, sound, or psychology. Tune in and discover the wonders of psychoacoustics with Casev Connor!

You must disable audio enhancement before listening. On windows “disable all enhancements” for all devices, on mac disable “sound enhancer”, on mobile make sure you aren’t using mono audio, and if you have a control panel for you r headphones make sure to disable any and all similar stuff (“enhancements”, “auto leveling”, etc)! Noise cancelling headphones might also mess with the effects! “Simulated surround sound” headphones, etc. — all these things may affect the “truth” of what you’re hearing.