About me, the short version: I’m a musician and music technology enthusiast. On this page I share my work, thoughts and ideas. It’s a sort of personal journal, but also a showcase of my projects and passions. You will see what I currently work on, create, mess up, find joy in, and develop. I hope you enjoy the music, reading about my adventures and maybe learn something new along the way. Thanks for visiting!

And the long version: I started my career with playing the blues, went through the pain of classical music education, lived the jazz, explored pop and rock music – before eventually finding my home in electronic music aesthetics.
Besides drumming and composing I am curious about technology, music culture and the impacts technology has on our society and social life. Overall I think technology as a powerful tool can enhance our creativity and expression, but also pose some challenges and risks. For example, technology can help us access more music than ever before, but also create a sense of overload and fragmentation. Technology can enable us to collaborate with other musicians across distances, but also affect our sense of identity and authenticity. Technology is influencing how we consume and appreciate, as well as how we create and share. Bottom line: Technology is great as long as the human interaction is the main factor that drives the music.

To me the most fascinating thing about today’s world is that we almost live constantly in the future – and this is something I always found astonishing. The past itself to me is a bit like this 20 year old piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe… you love it, you can´t get rid of it… you wear it here and there, it doesn´t fit you any more – size as well as style wise – at some point you decide to throw it away… and just then you notice, – why the fork did I hold on to it for so long.

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