Wikidrummer and Wikisinger are two viral videos that showcase the effects of different environments on the sound of drums and voice. They were produced by Touché Videoproduktion, a French company that specializes in creating original and innovative audiovisual content. The videos feature musicians performing the same piece in various locations, such as a cathedral, a forest, a tunnel, a garage, and an anechoic chamber. The videos demonstrate how the natural reverberation, echo, and delay of each environment shape the sound in different ways, without using any artificial effects or editing. The videos aim to explore the relationship between sound and space, and to inspire curiosity and creativity among the viewers.

Wikidrummer was released in 2014 and features drummer Julien Audigier playing a drum kit in 18 different places. The video has over 3 million views on YouTube and was praised by many drummers and music enthusiasts for its originality and quality. Wikisinger was released in 2015 and features singer Joachim Müllner, also known as Wikisinger, singing a cappella in 15 different places. The video has over 2 million views on Vimeo and was also well received by the public and the media. Both videos were directed by Vincent Rouffiac, who is also the co-founder of Touché Videoproduktion.

Wikidrummer and Wikisinger are examples of how sound can be influenced by the environment, and how different environments can create different moods and emotions. They are also examples of how creative experiments can lead to surprising and fascinating results. Wikidrummer and Wikisinger are not only entertaining videos, but also educational tools that can help people understand and appreciate the physics and aesthetics of sound.

Watch the making of “the Wikisinger” video.