Welcome to my online journal. Here I share my findings on the WWW as well as from the real world. The topics displayed are unrelated and mostly random things that interest me, that I find inspiring or worth mentioning. I hope you find the entries fascinating and insightful too.

Britain’s First Female Rock Band

The Liverbirds: The Female Beatles from Liverpool If you are a fan of the Beatles, you may have heard of the Liverbirds, an all-female rock band from Liverpool that was active in the 1960s. The Liverbirds were one of the first and few female bands on the Merseybeat scene, as well as one of the first [...]

09/19/2023|History, Inspiring, Videos|

STAY – Quarantine Short Film

STAY – Quarantine Short Film is a four-minute animated film by Kevin Lau, a designer and animator based in New York. The film tells the story of a man who is isolated in a hotel room during the COVID-19 pandemic and receives a mysterious package that changes his perspective. The film was created by Lau in [...]

08/27/2023|Creativity, Videos|
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