The Ambient Machine

The Ambient Machine is a device designed by Yuri Suzuki that allows you to create your own atmosphere by playing different ambient sounds. The device has 32 toggle switches on its surface, each of which activates a distinct sound from nature or from artificial sources. You can choose from sounds like waves crashing on the shore, water flowing in a stream, birds chirping in the forest, wind blowing through the trees, or white noise masking other noises. By adjusting the switches, you can blend these sounds together and create a unique sonic environment that suits your mood or activity.

Due to the global pandemic, we found ourselves spending more time living in a single environment than ever before. This provided us with an opportunity to listen more closely to the ambient sounds around us. Sounds from the environment outside where we live, the noises of our own homes and the echoes of the sounds we make ourselves become our background ambience.