Guitar Pedals For Drums

Re-amping drums through guitar pedals is a creative way to add some character and color to your drum sounds. It can also help you achieve some unique effects that are not possible with conventional drum processing. In this video, Nick will show you how he uses some of his favorite pedals to re-amp drums and create some interesting sonic textures. He will also explain the concept of re-amping and how it differs from using pedals as inserts or sends.

Re-amping is the process of sending a recorded signal back to an amplifier or a pedal and recording the output again. This allows you to change the tone and dynamics of the original signal and apply different effects and settings. Re-amping can be done with any instrument or sound source, but it is especially popular with guitarists who want to experiment with different amps and pedals after recording their parts.

Nick has been re-amping drums for many years and he has discovered some pedals that work really well for this purpose. He will demonstrate how he uses them in different ways to enhance and transform his drum sounds. Some of the pedals he will use are:

If you are looking for some new ways to spice up your drum sounds, re-amping them through guitar pedals might be just what you need. Watch the video below to see how Nick does it and hear how it sounds.

My own take running the drums through Native Instruments Guitar Rig