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In every moment we can decide to grasp onto the past, or accept the inevitability of change and allow the future to unfold. Music is no exception. Although we still experience music the same way as we did hundreds of years ago – that is frequency and time… There have been substantial changes to music’s aesthetic and rhythm, and this continues to progress throughout the years.

On expiration follows emergence – the basic pattern of evolution. FutureTense synthesizes the classic principles of instruments played by humans, yet with the innovation and possibilities offered by technology. Inspired by computer generated music, FutureTense constantly looks for a musical language and presentation that reflects their member’s generation and Zeitgeist!

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FutureTense creates electronic music culture based on acoustic and electronically powered instruments. Electronic music synthesized live by humans. The Band embraces music technology and performance precision seamlessly to represent music in the 21st Century. A Band for the digital age, FutureTense stylistically draws on elements of electronic music as a basis for developing their own style. Their music moves beyond loops and backing tracks to create a live performance, simply live music in real time, improvised & integrated with technology as an extension of human expression.

FutureTense bridges the gap between traditional musicianship and technological innovation. Each generation is afforded with new possibilities with the development of technology in every industry. FutureTense bridges the gap and combines the qualities of traditional musicianship such as improvisation, emotion, and sensitivity with the technological capabilities of sound design and sound modification.

FutureTense creates beat driven music characterized by a quality of sound and computer-generated aesthetics. In other words, the essence of computer music generated by live instrumentalists reflecting 21st Century electronic music aesthetics. The technological modifications only simplify the essence of human playing.

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